Ard — Guillaume Chuard & Daniel Nørregaard

Graphic Design

Cover of Tate Etc., Issue 42 - © © Ard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Research board @ Ard - © © Ard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Tate Etc., spread - © © Ard, Swiss Design Awards Blog
Tate Etc., spread - © © Ard, Swiss Design Awards Blog

Who: The graphic design studio Ard, which was founded in 2016 by the graphic designers Guillaume Chuard and Daniel Kang Yoon Nørregaard, specialises in editorial design and art direction for books, magazines, signage, exhibition design and websites.

When: Guillaume Chuard obtained a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from ECAL, Lausanne, in 2010. He received a Swiss Design Award in 2013. Daniel Nørregaard studied graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, graduating in 2012.

Where: After collaborating with Jonathan Hares, Chuard began working at Graphic Thought Facility in London in 2011. Nørregaard moved to London to work with the graphic designer Fraser Muggeridge in 2014. The duo met while studying for an MFA in visual communication at the Royal College of Art, London, which they both completed in 2016.

What: In 2016, Chuard & Nørregaard won the competition to redesign Tate Etc., the official magazine of the Tate Gallery, which had been launched in 2004 by Simon Grant, curator and art critic Bice Curiger, and graphic designer Cornel Windlin.

The magazine needed a new profile to differentiate it from free promotional material. With a print run of 150,000 copies, it needed to become more accessible, while at the same time keeping up with the exploratory and avant-garde spirit of contemporary art.

Ard proposed a hybrid model that drew on mainstream magazine visuality while keeping a strong and rational layout. The studio also decided to work with an international range of independent illustrators, photographers and typographers, using the magazine as a mediating platform for the emerging creative scene.

Why: Their redesign proved to be an innovative and refreshing response to a historical legacy in graphic design. “For two years, we have had to fight hard to maintain the magazine’s edge and the playfulness of its new editorial design.” (Ard — Chuard & Nørregaard)

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