Annina Arter

Fashion + Textile Design

“Prints Please” - © photo: Till Forrer, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“Prints Please” - © photo: Till Forrer, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“Prints Please” - © photo: Till Forrer, Swiss Design Awards Blog

Who: With digital collages and hand painting inspired by botanical motifs, Annina Arter playfully designs prints for textiles and high-quality tapestries.

When: Arter graduated 2011 in textile design from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. During her studies she participated in an exchange with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University College in Ghent. Since 2017, she has been working as an independent designer, while studying botanical drawing in Zurich.

Where: Since 2018, Arter has developed prints, Jacquards and hand-made embroidery for Christian Fischbacher, St.Gallen. From 2013 to 2017 she was responsible for print design – fashion at Jakob Schlaepfer.

What: Sigiriya, Aomame, Grinch, Looney Tunes and Scribble are the names of just some of the prints designed by Annina Arter. They suggest a vivid and playful world inhabited by plants and animals. Colours and organic motifs overlap and compose surfaces, giving the space they cover unexpected depth and life.
Her aim is to enrich spaces by designing surfaces. It’s an approach she also used when designing a colour scheme for the windows of the children’s hospital in Chur, on a commission for Staufer & Hasler Architeken and in collaboration with Astrid Staufer, Martin Leuthold and Patrick Meng.

Why: Arter uses digital tools to compose her narrative designs, inserting many hand-made drawings and paintings, skilfully creating a unity as an all-over, while retaining a wealth of enchanting details.

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