Ann Kern

Graphic Design

“Sounds Like a Choice” - © Photo: Vincent Levrat, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“Sounds Like a Choice”, book and inlay - © Photo: Vincent Levrat, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“Sounds Like a Choice”, book - © Photo: Vincent Levrat, Swiss Design Awards Blog

Who: Ann Kern is a designer researching how graphic design can render complex socio-political issues into a reading and decoding experience for the reader.

When: In 2018 Ann Kerr received her bachelor’s degree with honours in visual communication from ECAL, Lausanne. For her diploma work she received the Prix d’excellence du domaine Design et Arts Visuels de la HES-SO.

Where: After completing her internship with Dan Solbach, Kerr embarked on a second at Hubertus Design.

What: “Sounds Like a Choice” is a 192-page book that combines various kinds of texts and images centred around the subject of privilege and issues of systemic race and gender discrimination. The book puts in perspective historical quotes, essays, a questionnaire and a personal conclusion on the future role of technologies in these issues. A series of subtitled portraits using pop culture and meme codes underline with humour how deeply embedded in the affect these issues are.

Why: “I used graphic design to simplify social constructs and current topics and to make them more digestible and therefore less easy to ignore. Although it was something that started with a strong emphasis on race and gender it evolved into something a lot more inclusive and I feel like I’ve learned a lot during this process. For me as a designer it was extremely interesting to simultaneously act as author, editor and graphic designer and to find a balance between these tasks.” (Ann Kern)

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