Régis Tosetti & Simon Palmieri

Graphic Design

Régis Tosetti & Simon Palmieri - © Swiss Design Awards Blog
“Immerse”, AW18, Lookbook - © photo: Jean-Vincent Simonet, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“Deploy”, SS13, invitation - © © Sam Scott Hunt, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“Meridian”, SS15, campaign video - © © Thomas Traum Inc., Swiss Design Awards Blog

Who: Simon Palmieri and Regis Tosetti are the two graphic designers who, for the last ten years, have managed the visual identity of the fashion designer Christopher Ræburn.

When: The duo met in London in 2010, and since then have collaborated on projects for international clients. Simon Palmieri graduated in 2007 from FHNW, Basel, while Regis Tosetti opened his own graphic design studio in Zurich after graduating from ECAL, Lausanne, in 2005.

Where: Palmieri, who is now based in Berlin, previously worked for the Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet in Basel. Tosetti worked for James Goggin in London, where he met Christopher Ræburn. Since 2013 he is consulting artistic director for the Italian fashion brand Moncler. Nowadays he is based in Paris. The pair won the graphic design competition for the new museum area Plateforme 10 in Lausanne in 2016.

What: The collaboration between Tosetti and Palmieri on the visual identity of Christopher Ræburn’s fashion brand is remarkable as it has endured since the early days of the brand, now ten years. The long-lasting relationship with the brand reflects its love for detail and functionality, as well as its desire to create lasting garments.

The graphic designers were greatly inspired by the luxury brand’s strong ethical position, based on the three principles of remade, reduced, recycled. Over the years, their work has covered the brand’s entire visual output, from logos to scenographies, even including a sonic identity.

Why: In a world of ongoing change and quick production, solid relationships offer a ground for strong identities to emerge and consolidate while exploring and imagining lifestyles that can adapt to greater changes.

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