Vincent Levrat


“Outburst” - © Photograph: Vincent Levrat, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“Outburst”, book - © Photograph: Vincent Levrat, Swiss Design Awards Blog

Who: Vincent Levrat is a photographer whose work spans object photography and storytelling.

When: Levrat obtained his certificate of proficiency in photography with honours from the Photography School, Vevey, in 2015. He went on to study photography at ECAL, Lausanne, where he graduated with honours in 2018 and received the Elinchrom Prize.

Where: Vincent Levrat was nominated for the 2019 Concours Photographique photography competition of the Festival international de la mode. His work was exhibited in 2018 at the Prix Photoforum exhibition in Biel. In 2017 he presented a collaborative project with Jonathan Hielkema at the FOAM Museum during Amsterdam Museum Night, while in 2016 he appeared in the collective show Enquête photographique Valaisanne, in St-Maurice.

What: Levrat’s projects explore how photography focusing on objects can open up narrative threads. In the ongoing project Catch me if you can, Levrat follows the launch and tracking of radiosondes: scientific balloons that are sent up daily to measure the weather. “Levrat’s playful photographs capture a sweeping view of the explorer’s hunt, from the radiosonde flying 13 miles above the earth to the wizened explorer hellbent on tracking it below”, wrote Wired in a feature on the story.

In his latest project, Levrat banished himself to a wasteland and experimented with found materials. Compositions, temporary sculptures, arrangements and instant performances began to emerge. Levrat records the temporary works with his camera and collects them together in his series Outburst.

Why: Levrat captures the life of objects with humour and a sharp eye.

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