Quentin Lacombe


“Event Horizon”, RVB Books - © Photograph: Quentin Lacombe, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“ARZACH” - © Photograph: Quentin Lacombe, Swiss Design Awards Blog
“ARZACH” - © Photograph: Quentin Lacombe, Swiss Design Awards Blog

Who: Quentin Lacombe is a photographer who creates new, hallucinatory spaces in which assemblages of objects and light are pushed to the edge of the recognisable.

When: Lacombe holds a bachelor’s in architecture from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris La Villette. He obtained a bachelor’s in photography with honours from ECAL, Lausanne in 2016.

Where: Lacombe’s work was shown in 2019 in “Transformer” at 180 The Strand, London. In 2018 he was selected for the FOAM Talent show in London. That same year he also presented the series Event Horizon at BredaPhoto, Breda. Event Horizon is also a photobook published in 2017 by RVB Books, Paris.

What: With his background in architecture, Lacombe becomes an explorer of infinite and unknown spaces. His Event Horizon series best reflects his experimental approach. His photographs take objects, patterns and lights from vastly different horizons and compose them into alien spaces in which the human eye becomes lost.

Lacombe also brings his interest in alien physics to his commissioned work, such as the series for the “Artist’s Playground” by AccorHotels, and the images for the annual report of the real estate portfolio La Foncière, in which Lacombe transforms architectural models of the company’s buildings into aerial layers of ever-changing colour shades.

Why: “What happens inside them remains theoretical: no one ever saw an event horizon. Quentin Lacombe gives his own interpretation of this practically incomprehensible phenomenon. What does it even mean, when time and space lose meaning?” (BredaPhoto)

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