June 14, 2019

Friday Events

“Pizzas of Inequality” - © Swiss Design Awards Blog

3pm: Women’s strike day
The SWISS ART AWARDS and the SWISS DESIGN AWARDS invite on this day the women of the neighborhood to guided tours focused on the feminist’s projects. An invitation is sent out to the women living in the neighbourhood in the days leading up to the exhibition.

Meeting point: Hall 3, Infodesk
Free entry

8pm: Pizzas of Inequality: Crunching numbers for change at the heart of the Swiss Design Awards
It’s 2019, and we just can’t stomach patriarchy anymore. As women in design, Swiss and immigrant, straight and queer, we encounter discrimination in our daily practices and lives. It’s in the educational structures that alienate us, the design canon that doesn’t represent us, the history books that exclude us, or the professional world that belittles us. Despite our lived experience, it is often difficult to actually visualize gender inequality at work, making it easy for skeptics to keep insisting that we already live in an equal world. Yet, it’s hard to argue with numbers. Statistics can be a powerful tool to show what otherwise often remains obscure or vague. This is what prompted us to conduct quantitative probes into the last 20 years of the Swiss Design Awards competition focusing primarily on gender representation. The project, which started as a collaborative workshop in April 2019, will be concluded with a public presentation of our findings on June 14, the day of the Frauen * streik, the National Women’s Strike in Switzerland. Presented at the very heart of the Swiss Design Award exhibition, this intervention wants to raise awareness for the role that awards and other forms of funding support and public recognition take on in leveling the playing field of design. The evening, free and open to all, will consist of a statistical survey presented as freshly-baked pizzas, accompanied by some food-for-thought stories and insights, aiming to fuel lively discussions around the table.

Organized by common-interest & depatriarchise design in partnership with Swiss Design Awards
Meeting point: Hall 3, Infodesk
Free entry

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